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Avenged Sevenfold Mp3 Sharage: Because I Love You . . .

So. . . . guess what I just did? *extended pause* Wrong, but great try! I've just been searching for one Avenged Sevenfold Mp3 for like an hour an a half. . . *sigh* But! I have prevailed, and I am here to share it with you, if any of you would like. I must warn of explict content though.

It's really a great song. The basics are - boy is scared that girl will dump him, boy kills girl, eats heart, and fucks dead body, girl comes back from the dead because she's pissed. *grins* It's great! Heh.


Well, I'm out. Bye bye.
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Bleach: Ichi|Kira - Ohh!

Stuff and Evolution:

So, it may have seemed as if I dropped off the face of the Earth. In fact, I did. However, I'm slowly making my way back. This semester, I've gone home a total of probably 6 days. That's less than a week, and that sucks. But, alas! The devil in my life called ColorGuard is about to be slain, I'm preforming my last show in about a week. I'll be in Dayton, Ohio in less than 96 hours for WGI Championships, and after that it's all over. No more band, no more worries, and no more skinny gay man telling me that my jumps aren't high enough - bite me James.

On a lighter note, I'm taking judo next semester. Yay! Um . . . yeah. And I may be will be getting on LJ more often. I've lost contact with all of you wonderful people that can read this entry, and I'm oh-so interested in getting back in touch with you if you guys will still have me - I mean, you haven't taken me off of your buddylists. However, that could just mean that you're being lazy. Heh.

Anyway, I was spur(r)ed to post an entry because of a clip that our Seminar leader sent my class. I made me a little naucous. There are apparently these guys who walk through a natural history museum teaching children that the science of evolution exibits are wrong, fossils are boring, and that the dinosaurs were all vegitarians before the fall. It's bad and full of ignorance - watch it and agree. Heh.

Well, I'll be seeing ya. I'm going make a new Gin layout for my soon to be come back . . .

♥ you all.
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Strange Trade Requests:

I have discovered something. How profound, huh? Anyway, whilst Maple-ing - yes, I Maple! Maple with me! - I discovered that if you get a trade request, people normally don't wanna trade with you. It's the oddest thing. And some people want the weirdest things. There is the occasional normal thing like 'do you know how to get to such and such', but there are some pretty dumb people out there. One girl wanted to know if I wanted to have sex with her. Really now? *sigh* And my character's not even attractive yet. (But on the up side, I do have a penguin! He's super cute! Plus he farts! *evil laughter*) So if any of you out there that Maple get a trade request, beware! You might be solicited for sex like me. lol

No, but seriously. If anyone wants to play with me - which I'd appreciate - I'm 'Rilita'. Oh, I know I'm clever! I'm on Bera, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, though I am slowly figuring it out. lol I'm a lowly Lvl 11 (gasp! Newbie!) Magician. Yes, poor me. I suck at this point, but I will move up from snails to slimes to orange mushrooms to maybe even those damn pigs in santa suits. Who knows, one day I might slay a mighty flaming boar and tackle the dungeons. I'm so epic. . . and tired. It's four in the morning. I'm going to bed. Good night guys!

P.S. Ravenclaw FTW! lol